Computer Vision Engineer

Posted by Michael Doak

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Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc

Pittsburgh, PA

FTE only


Computer Vision Engineer

Do you like reading this job posting? How about turning on lights? Cooking without a fire? Everything we do today as a society is reliant on the power that is delivered through the critical electrical grid. The Power-I group at Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc., is developing an innovative analytics platform that will allow the utility industry to autonomously inspect, monitor, and alert on any anomalies found in critical electrical facilities. Check out this video to see our vision: Power-I by Mitsubishi Electric

We are looking for a computer vision engineer to join the team that will help us develop new and improve existing computer vision (CV) models to achieve precision analytics for the Power-I Platform.

Essential Functions

  • Develop, calibrate, validate and maintain scalable computer vision algorithms to extract intelligence from image-based data.
  • Iterate and incorporate new algorithms to continuously improve product performance under a variety of conditions. Identify optimal analytical methods and solutions for algorithm development.
  • Provide insight and recommendations for the Power-I architecture design based on information obtained from machine learning algorithms, advanced mathematical models, and business expertise.
  • Create data pipelines to add structure to the resultant data extracted from images, and work to integrate the data into other algorithms and visualization tools and platforms.
  • Provide technical expertise in building an analytics-driven product pipeline
  • Assess needs and recommend experiments and projects, suggest new algorithmic development, and drive tactical decisions about approaches and data requirements.
  • Collaborate with end-user and product owners to understand computer vision needs.
  • Design and implement methodologies for testing and accuracy assessment.
  • Provide production support for computer vision components.


  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science or related discipline with a minimum of 5 years of experience in computer vision, machine learning, and/or image process, or equivalent education and experience.
  • Advanced software engineering skills and experience with Python programming.
  • Advanced knowledge of deep learning, including semantic segmentation and object detection.
  • Ability to learn, adapt and utilize new technology related to the Power-I Platform.
  • Advanced interpersonal, communications and presentation skills.
  • Advanced analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Advanced computer skills with emphasis on Microsoft Office products to prepare reports, analysis and schedules.

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