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Public signups have been disabled temporarily. Please create a C&S account before requesting to join the C&S Slack workspace.

Highlighted Channels

Once you're on our Slack workspace, check out some of our most popular channels.

  • #chat: The main room where all kinds of discussion is welcome
  • #job-board: Job posts and job solicitation
  • #til: (today I learned) fun and useful things recently learned by our community members
  • #mental-health: open and friendly discussion about mental health issues
  • #lang--python: discuss the Python programming language
  • #media--videogames: talk about games, find people to play with

Slack Community Guidelines

We're excited to welcome everyone we can to our Slack community. Here are some general guidelines for you so that we can maintain that welcoming feeling for everyone.

  • Our Conduct Policy applies to our Slack workspace the same as it does our in person events.
  • Text based conversations don't have the same intricacies of verbal communication. Assume best intent from the person on the other side of the conversation and take care to word things well and be understanding.
  • Job posts are not welcome in the main chat room. We have a #jobs room for that purpose.
  • Do not direct message users offering a job or your services without that user explicitly soliciting for such a service. For example, offering recruiting services to someone who just posted a job in#job-boardis a fast way to be reported in#-conduct-violationsbecause soliciting without arrangement with C&S violates the Conduct Policy.
  • Weekends and evenings can have their lulls in activity. When you first join, hang out for a while and check back often.
  • Our community works best when you install the Slack mobile app and add our workspace.
  • The use of "@here" and "@channel" has been disabled for non-admin users.
  • If you prefer to use WeeChat or a client that uses libpurple as a backend (e.g. Adium, Pidgin), see these instructions (once you've created an account) to connect to our Slack channels via your favorite client.

Chatham House Rule

Some channels operate under the Chatham House Rule in order to encourage discussion of difficult topics. Based on Chatham House's current rule, available at the previous link, our local interpretation is this:

When a channel operates under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.

Channels operating under this rule will bear notice in the topic, purpose statement, or both. Additionally, some rooms may have an automated notice displayed periodically to remind participants that the room has this rule. Examples of rooms following this rule are #mental-health and #venting.

Join our Discord Chat

Discord is popular chat service aimed at gamers and other teams that use voice chat frequently. C&S' gaming enthusiasts coordinate group playing sessions every now and then using it. Also, some C&S members will use Discord audio when they are livestreaming their coding, generally through Discord or

C&S doesn't currently maintain open invitations to the Discord server. If you're interested in joining it, join the Slack workspace first and join the#media--videogameschannel, wherein you can request access to the Discord server.