Upcoming Code & Supply Conferences

We're excited to share with you our list of upcoming major events. Stay tuned for details about our lineups and schedules.

To sponsor any or all of these events, including early-bird and package discounts, contact sponsorship@codeandsupply.co.

Abstractions II

Abstractions brings together everyone involved in modern software development — designers, developers, DevOps, and community leaders — to teach, learn, and connect.

Featuring headliners that have changed the industry and several stages for valuable and entertaining talks from our community, Abstractions II is sure to be a major impact on the careers and lives of its attendees. For sponsorship opportunities -- recruiting, sales, and more -- contactsponsorship@abstractions.io.

Past Code & Supply Conferences

Check out our past events to get a feel for the atmosphere of C&S conferences.


Heartifacts will be an intimate and important conference that will empower software professionals to learn about ways to improve themselves through mental health awareness, communication techniques, and community involvement.

Heartfacts will feature a mix of invited presenters and community submitted sessions.


Uptime will be a single track conference focusing on skills and technologies that improve software delivery and infrastructure management.

Featuring a hand-picked lineup of presenters that we think best emphasize the values and ideas that will move our community forward.